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  • Paul (Friday, June 28 19 08:47 am BST)

    First time visit. Seems a very friendly place and not intimidating at all. Went Thursday morning and quite a few there already. Had fun time. Will be going back.

  • Chris (Sunday, December 16 18 07:21 pm GMT)

    First visit, great little place.
    Went on a mixed but was quite thin on the ground and no females. Better luck next time

  • Jordan (Saturday, November 17 18 06:28 pm GMT)

    As a first time visitor I had a really good time. Everyone was really polite and friendly, people got as involved or not as they liked. Just a really relaxing afternoon.
    As the reviews say it is a little on the small side but you can easily get 7/8 in the steam room or sauna - and generally was a really nice atmosphere. Age range was between early 20s and 60+ but I wouldn’t have said majority was one way or the other

  • Norwichscot (Thursday, November 15 18 10:51 pm GMT)

    First visit here and I was very pleasantly surprised. Yes, it is small as others have said, but not as small as I expected. All facilities are clean and the sauna cabin and steam room are a decent size and good temperature too. Jacuzzi is a bit on the small side but that can be fun! Good mixed clientele – no complaints from me about the views on offer ( if you get my drift ). A very relaxing experience with just the right amount of discreet ‘interaction’ – will definitely be back again.

  • Jim (Thursday, October 25 18 10:42 am BST)

    I've been a few times met some nice guys, very relaxing, discreet you can chat to anyone, love the freedom of being naked.
    In fact I'm going again this afternoon.

  • liam (Sunday, October 14 18 04:34 pm BST)

    Had a really nice time here. I'm 24 years old. Need more younger guys to come :) :) everyone is soo friendly and the staff are soo helpful and great people.

  • Peter (Saturday, June 30 18 04:43 pm BST)

    First visit today. It's a small spa, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, plenty of showers and a cooling area which seats 2. Chilled water available and lockers with towels, everyone is naked. The staff were very friendly and left you to it. About 12 guys came in and out during my stay. Older crowd but very polite. Really enjoyed it, relaxed atmosphere and you partake in as little or as much as you feel. It's not the most modern but it is an outlet for those who need it. Discreet interaction.

  • Newbie1981 (Friday, March 02 18 04:15 pm GMT)

    Just been for my first visit in the Friday mixed session. Facilities are pretty good and people were friendly. Would have preferred the mixed session to be mixed (!) but I'm comfortable with all guys. Do couples and females come a bit later on a Friday? Maybe I'll try that next time.

  • big guy (Tuesday, December 19 17 09:42 am GMT)

    Small but clean and welcoming with a really friendly mixed crowd of fit guys and dad bods. great place to meet like minded people

  • Jim (Wednesday, December 06 17 07:27 pm GMT)

    Have been a couple of times and it was very relaxing. Very friendly as someone else said could be bigger but the price would go up as well.
    The location is a bit odd maybe a trading estate might be better, having said all that I'm going again Friday not because it's mixed more it's the only chance I get, I'm happy being naked with all guys with the option to meet new friends.

  • king (Saturday, September 16 17 09:49 am BST)

    have heard good things about this place am taking my girlfriend with me tomorrow not sure what to expect have not been before interesting

  • lyn&jon moore (Monday, February 06 17 09:55 am GMT)

    We spent a very enjoyable evening here. Relaxed atmosphere and genuinely friendly people. Will make this a regular visit

  • James (Friday, January 20 17 08:45 pm GMT)

    Come 3-4 times a week, great feel to the place, loads of improvements happening, keep up the fantastic work Everyone. See you all soon

  • Graeme (Friday, January 20 17 12:09 pm GMT)

    My favourite place to unwind once/twice a week. It's like a different spa since the takeover 3/4 years ago and current ambience is unequalled! Improvements happening all the time, my only criticism would be I wish this venue was bigger and more women on the mixed sessions. Big part of my life, Keep it up guys!

  • Mr T (Thursday, January 19 17 12:53 am GMT)

    Overall a great venue to chill out and unwind, especially on these cold winter days, the new hot tub is great. I also treat myself to a regular massage which is second to none and leaves me feeling totally relaxed. Would highly recommend a visit.

  • Ash (Wednesday, January 18 17 10:45 pm GMT)

    Great facillities, sauna with enough room to lay down and relax, hot tub to sit in and chat with other users, or lounge to mingle with others, excellent staff. Great value for money

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