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  • Carole (Wednesday, July 03 24 12:43 pm BST)

    Excellent little social hub, great mentally for shy individuals such as myself as everybody so friendly. Staff lovely.

  • Richard (Tuesday, July 02 24 09:13 pm BST)

    I highly recommend and endorse the positive comments from others. Persistent shoulder injury cured by repeat massage sessions with Peter that physiotherapy had made no impact on!!

  • Matt (Friday, May 03 24 09:51 pm BST)

    Visited again this afternoon
    What a gem of a place
    Always have an amazing time here
    Really good clientele, very friendly
    Highly recommended

  • Kevin (Monday, February 19 24 08:49 am GMT)

    Went a few weeks ago,had a good time, will def go back.

  • Collian (Thursday, November 02 23 02:28 pm GMT)

    Visit here today, what a relaxing time I had , I was nervous to start with but I was made so welcome, going back tomorrow

  • L (Saturday, August 12 23 08:35 pm BST)

    I was there today for a massage and spa session after. It was great. Everyone I met was so nice. Lots of fun to be had. It is small but it works. A private room or a dark room wold be a good addition to go further. Still had a great time. Thanks

  • Iain (Friday, July 28 23 09:25 am BST)

    I visited Helsinki Health Spa for the first time recently following a recommendation from a friend as I had a minor sports injury in my lower back. I booked a massage to sort it out.
    When I arrived I was shown around and then got ready for the massage, Peter the masseuse was excellent he knew exactly what to do and always checked with me about the correct pressure being applied etc. To assist me also with other ailments I have, I was told about nutrition, exercise and types of food to eat or avoid. All very informative and very helpful.
    After the most excellent massage I made use of the other facilities, sauna, steam room and hot tub; all of which was being well used by the other patrons there at the time.
    I will definitely be returning to The Helsinki Health Spa as it was a very good experience.

  • Verbatim (Thursday, July 27 23 01:53 am BST)

    Been here 3 times. It's the most welcoming little Spa. Quite a few mature follk but I like that. Enjoyed my experience in the jacuzzi & had a fab time with a gent in the sauna. Friendly staff.
    Could do with more cups at the water cooler! Will be back for sure👍😛🍆

  • GARRY (Monday, July 10 23 01:08 pm BST)

    Been here a couple of time now well maybe more than a couple, but always had a good time plenty of friendly people there and sometimes plenty of fun to be had, would definitely recommend this place to you as i know you would enjoy yourself

  • Andy H (Wednesday, June 14 23 06:44 pm BST)

    I like reading the reviews. Now I'm even more feeling OK to visit
    I've never been before but might tomorrow

  • Paul (Monday, April 03 23 02:14 pm BST)

    Had my first massage here three weeks ago. It was everything I hope for..Will be back soon.

  • Paul (Wednesday, March 22 23 01:28 pm GMT)

    I would like to thank Peter for a wonderful massage last week.

  • Tony (Wednesday, January 18 23 07:12 pm GMT)

    First time and was surprised how open and bright the place was. Any activity is very public. It was very friendly and very easy to engage with others. Enjoyed all aspects including the discussion with other guest.
    Would easily go back again.nice atmosphere

  • Richard (Wednesday, August 17 22 08:07 am BST)

    First visit 16.08.22.
    Staff made me feel very welcome and comfortable.
    Very relaxing and no pressure to join in activities (although I did and was amazing).
    Will definately go there again, loved every moment and every experience

  • Andrew (Sunday, May 01 22 01:43 pm BST)

    First time ever In a health spa kind of place and really enjoyed myself.
    The massage was lovely the masseuse was very handy and made me feel very welcome.
    Also, first time full nude in front of other people and guess what........loved it!!
    Going back when I can.

  • Terry (Friday, March 25 22 04:18 pm GMT)

    Visited for the first time 22 March. Very welcoming and a very friendly bunch of customers. I'll definitely go again.

  • CARL LUCAS (Thursday, January 06 22 04:52 pm GMT)

    Is fast becoming a regular visit for me, love the big bears that attend and they seem to like me ALOT too, I get so much attention but I do love it and I do play up to it. I could sit and watch the naked going’s on all day,but they just won’t leave me alone,again, I do love it though.

  • Dickie (Wednesday, December 29 21 02:39 pm GMT)

    Love this place - it’s immediately relaxing & chilled. No hassle, no poseurs. Great for exhibitionists like me as it’s a small place so easy to attract an audience if you want one! have had some very sexy times here. Never lets me down.

  • steve (Sunday, December 26 21 06:50 am GMT)

    Visited for the first time on Thursday the 9/12/21 in the afternoon, i was really nervous going in on my own & being naked in front of other men but soon relaxed & met a few nice people, it was really nice walking around naked in front of others & i had a nice afternoon - will be going again

  • Joe (Friday, December 17 21 08:00 pm GMT)

    Great and fun. Need more young people to go but great experience. The best service. We all help each other if you now what I mean :)

  • Gordonvandriel (Friday, December 03 21 05:35 pm GMT)

    Went there first time 2/12 21 a lot better than reviews. Mixed age group all very friendly, staff , very friendly and helpful, my first time to a place like this and very nervous, but soon put at ease, well worth a visit

  • Nick (Wednesday, November 24 21 09:24 pm GMT)

    First visit 3 weeks ago it was a bit nervy but was made to feel very welcome by all sauna steam was very friendly
    Second visit today Nov 24th 21 as good if not better than the first time more guys more fun felt pretty good

  • DARREN MAYS (Tuesday, November 16 21 01:33 pm GMT)

    really friendly place had the pleasure of 2 guys to myself whilst there will definetly cum again and again.

  • Steven (Thursday, November 11 21 12:08 am GMT)

    Went on a tuesday 9th Nov 21
    Met a hot Bear in the steam room says from Bury,love meet you again sometime.busy also lots of guys for fun

  • Jo (Wednesday, August 18 21 03:39 pm BST)

    Visited for the first time 4/08/21 and I'll be visiting many more times. Probably the friendliest sauna I've ever been to, from the guy on the front desk to all the guys in the sauna, hit hub or steam room, it was exceptionally friendly. Fairly small but it has everything you need and the atmosphere is great, a very easy place to relax and enjoy

  • Kevin Oliver (Wednesday, July 28 21 09:35 am BST)

    I've been several times very relaxed atmosphere, about a dozen guys cum and went while i was in there, i loved the attention and others watching me 5 stars

  • Justin 85 (Friday, June 18 21 01:19 pm BST)

    My first visit earlier this week and whilst it's certainly the smallest sauna I've ever visited it is definitely amongst the most friendly. Very nice to be able to hang out naked with other guys, a very comfortable environment

  • Dan (Tuesday, May 25 21 03:42 pm BST)

    Great to hear you are open again. I have had some fun times in the sauna and steam.room.
    No need to be shy everybody just wants a nice time. Good crowd. Expect to be with you Wednesday afternoon.

  • paul stone (Wednesday, May 19 21 09:01 pm BST)

    great place to relax went Tuesday and Wednesday very glad it is open again. Nice group of blokes go there

  • Ryan (Wednesday, March 31 21 03:54 pm BST)

    A very warm and welcoming place for men to meet and have fun. A great place to relax if you work full time for a couple of hours. Would highly recommend for anyone that needs to let off some steam. Cannot wait till this place is once again opened.

  • michael William durham (Saturday, March 27 21 08:29 am GMT)

    have heard al lot about this venue. I do hope it reopens soon. Looking forward to having a relaxing time. Naked is worrying but it should be a good experience.

  • Richard (Monday, November 30 20 01:37 pm GMT)

    Looking forward to the first day of reopening on Wednesday. Should be a busy few days ahead at this great little venue

  • Dan (Sunday, November 29 20 04:44 pm GMT)

    Good luck for reopening Wednesday 2nd December. I hope to come along in the afternoon and relax spread out as much as after the last lock down. It was very enjoyable

  • Dan (Wednesday, September 30 20 09:40 am BST)

    Went Saturday 26th September not expecting much, more to support the business than anything else. I was very pleased I did, enjoyed 3 showers [restricted to 2 at a time] all interesting and had a great time in the Hot Tub! So enjoyed the experience I am going back this Saturday 3rd October around lunch time.

  • Richard (Monday, September 21 20 12:16 pm BST)

    Loved this place for many years before lockdown and so hope it can sustain through these weird times. Great that they’ve opened again with v limited hours. Understand that some will find any thought of visiting too worrying at the moment. But they need our business if they are to survive. So do try to support if you’re not freaked out. I suspect there’ll be another lockdown very soon (today is Monday 21st September) so I’m going to get in there ahead of that. Tomorrow!

  • Kenton (Wednesday, February 19 20 07:45 pm GMT)

    Hi... Am coming to Ipswich soon and was looking to visit your establishment whilst there... New to naturism although have been to a few saunas etc... Am straight and was enquiring as to what seesions a single male can go to please

  • Norwich lad (Saturday, January 25 20 04:07 pm GMT)

    Fantastic afternoon at this sauna. Yes a bit tired but who cares. Friendly enjoyable and much needed.

  • Paul (Friday, June 28 19 08:47 am BST)

    First time visit. Seems a very friendly place and not intimidating at all. Went Thursday morning and quite a few there already. Had fun time. Will be going back.

  • Chris (Sunday, December 16 18 07:21 pm GMT)

    First visit, great little place.
    Went on a mixed but was quite thin on the ground and no females. Better luck next time

  • Jordan (Saturday, November 17 18 06:28 pm GMT)

    As a first time visitor I had a really good time. Everyone was really polite and friendly, people got as involved or not as they liked. Just a really relaxing afternoon.
    As the reviews say it is a little on the small side but you can easily get 7/8 in the steam room or sauna - and generally was a really nice atmosphere. Age range was between early 20s and 60+ but I wouldn’t have said majority was one way or the other

  • Norwichscot (Thursday, November 15 18 10:51 pm GMT)

    First visit here and I was very pleasantly surprised. Yes, it is small as others have said, but not as small as I expected. All facilities are clean and the sauna cabin and steam room are a decent size and good temperature too. Jacuzzi is a bit on the small side but that can be fun! Good mixed clientele – no complaints from me about the views on offer ( if you get my drift ). A very relaxing experience with just the right amount of discreet ‘interaction’ – will definitely be back again.

  • Jim (Thursday, October 25 18 10:42 am BST)

    I've been a few times met some nice guys, very relaxing, discreet you can chat to anyone, love the freedom of being naked.
    In fact I'm going again this afternoon.

  • liam (Sunday, October 14 18 04:34 pm BST)

    Had a really nice time here. I'm 24 years old. Need more younger guys to come :) :) everyone is soo friendly and the staff are soo helpful and great people.

  • Peter (Saturday, June 30 18 04:43 pm BST)

    First visit today. It's a small spa, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, plenty of showers and a cooling area which seats 2. Chilled water available and lockers with towels, everyone is naked. The staff were very friendly and left you to it. About 12 guys came in and out during my stay. Older crowd but very polite. Really enjoyed it, relaxed atmosphere and you partake in as little or as much as you feel. It's not the most modern but it is an outlet for those who need it. Discreet interaction.

  • Newbie1981 (Friday, March 02 18 04:15 pm GMT)

    Just been for my first visit in the Friday mixed session. Facilities are pretty good and people were friendly. Would have preferred the mixed session to be mixed (!) but I'm comfortable with all guys. Do couples and females come a bit later on a Friday? Maybe I'll try that next time.

  • big guy (Tuesday, December 19 17 09:42 am GMT)

    Small but clean and welcoming with a really friendly mixed crowd of fit guys and dad bods. great place to meet like minded people

  • Jim (Wednesday, December 06 17 07:27 pm GMT)

    Have been a couple of times and it was very relaxing. Very friendly as someone else said could be bigger but the price would go up as well.
    The location is a bit odd maybe a trading estate might be better, having said all that I'm going again Friday not because it's mixed more it's the only chance I get, I'm happy being naked with all guys with the option to meet new friends.

  • king (Saturday, September 16 17 09:49 am BST)

    have heard good things about this place am taking my girlfriend with me tomorrow not sure what to expect have not been before interesting

  • lyn&jon moore (Monday, February 06 17 09:55 am GMT)

    We spent a very enjoyable evening here. Relaxed atmosphere and genuinely friendly people. Will make this a regular visit

  • James (Friday, January 20 17 08:45 pm GMT)

    Come 3-4 times a week, great feel to the place, loads of improvements happening, keep up the fantastic work Everyone. See you all soon

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